Bahamas Hosting

The Bahamas is an independent nation and a member of the British Commonwealth. The country’s constitution is based on the Westminster Model thus the basis of the Bahamian law and legal system is the English Common Law tradition. Stability describes the structure of the nation’s economy which is steadied by the solid value of the Bahamian dollar.

The unit of currency being the Bahamian dollar which has parity against the US dollar has attracted countless investors allowing The Bahamas to be recognized as one of the most prosperous economies in the Caribbean.

Such recognition has prompted the government of The Bahamas to move towards e-government throughout the Bahamian public service and additionally influence the passing of The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2003 along with the Computer Misuse Act 2003 which both came into effect in June of 2003. In an effort to further develop e-commerce The Bahamian government also moved to pass a Data Protection Act with the aim of increasing The Bahamas’ profile as an international commercial center and potentially positioning it as a preferred jurisdiction for locating data services.

One of the most attractive elements of investing in The Bahamas is the tax-free status. There are no taxes levied on capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income, sales, inheritance, or dividends. To this end the Government’s commitment to be globally competitive is being achieved through instituting the necessary information and communications infrastructure to develop and sustain electronic business activity.

All these legislative measures are geared towards establishing information technology and moreover e-commerce as the ‘third pillar’ of the Bahamian economy.

Documents available for download:

The Bahamas E-Business Policy
Electronic Communications and Transactions Bill
Computer Misuse Bill
Data Protection Bill
Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Bill