Our Advantage

Secure Hosting has been the leader in offshore hosting solutions since 2001.

We offer a variety of enterprise cloud and dedicated server hosting plans from our two hosting centers in Nassau, The Bahamas and Freeport, The Bahamas and a third data center in Hamilton, Bermuda.

We are the owner/operator and manage and maintain all of our equipment in each of our locations. We are not resellers nor do we rent equipment from other hosting providers.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art servers, redundant fiber network, and 24/7 staffed facilities. Secure Hosting gives you the products, reliability and security that you need to make your E-Business hosting offshore a success.

Secure Hosting operates in a carrier grade commercial data center located in Nassau, Bahamas with redundant fiber optic connections to Tier-1 internet backbones in North America at speeds as high as 10 Gbit. The facility is staffed, monitored and protected 24/7 with the latest in network monitoring and security technologies. All access to the facility is granted via a three level system of photographic log, access card and challenge/response passcode. Once access is granted to authorised persons, all internal activity is monitored with the latest in video surveillance.

In addition to standard hosting services such as Dedicated Linux Server Hosting, Offshore Web Hosting and Secure Cloud Servers, Secure Hosting can provide leading edge solutions for private voicemail & fax mailboxes and Offshore Colocation at very reasonable prices.

In order to assure customer privacy and security, ALL customer data, web sites, email and servers are located 100% Offshore.

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